Robbie Conal - Guerilla Artist

I grew up as an "art brat" in New York City. I got kicked out of every major museum and every public library in town; got psychedelicized at San Francisco State University in the '60's, and professionalized at Stanford University in the '70's. When I moved to Los Angeles in the '80's, encroaching adulthood forced me to integrate my personality-- put my art and social concerns together-- and finally make pictures about subjects that were important to me: Politics, power and the abuses of both. I quickly realized that art institutions are a very limited arena of reception for ideas about public issues, so I made posters and ran around the streets like a midnight maniac, spattering glue in every major city I could get to on my no budget, non scheduled, total loss, rock'n'roll poster tours...building up a volunteer guerilla postering army as I went.

"Newtwit posters are available at Vidiots & Midnight Special Bookstores in Santa Monica. Robbie's work can be viewed anywhere...just look out your window.Send questions and inquiries to

Newtwit Movie

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