Larry Westover Logo Designer
P.O. Box 1391 Redondo Beach, CA 90278
Phone and Fax (310) 542-5309

I seek the elegant solution; saying the most with any economy of elements. I have been inspired by a tradition of great designers like Raymond Lowey, Charles Eames, Herb Labalin, and Saul Bass. Like other designers, I enjoy expressing myself through fine art. Logo design provides special challenges to create unique and original statements that are simple, concise, compact, inventive, legible, enduring, and memorable. I enjoy solutions that communicate effectively and efficiently. Corporate identity, logo design, titles, and the visual theming of projects are my expertise. My work has been included in American Corporate Identity and Excellence in Typography and Lettering. I have a Masters of Fine Arts degree with a double emphasis in graphics and sculpture, but ultimately my portfolio is my credential.

Logo Design and Corporate Identity

Video Learning Library, CA
Squeeze Cup, CA
Commercial Communications, WY
Valley Jewelery, UT
Baskets by Design, CA
Tony Takash Photographer, CA

Graphic Design for Advertising

Theatrical production
Catalog Design
Package design
Invitation for Mrs. Bill Cosby
Self Promotion
Your Nobody til Somebody Loves You
Art-A-Fair promotion


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