John Marsh

An alumnus of L.A.'s renowned Art Center School of Design and veteran of General Motors Design Center, Marsh is uniquely both fine artist and technocrat. He is also a member of the prestigous Automotive Fine Art Society (AFAS).

John Francis Marsh Centennial Commemorative Series: Celebrating 100-years of American Automotive History

To commemorate this year's centennial celebration of the American automobile, Carmel, California's Robert Talbott-- a company renowned for handcrafting the world's finest menswear fashions and itself touting a decades-long alliance with rare, vintage automobiles--commissioned famed automotive fine artist, John Francis Marsh, to create a series of original paintings celebrating this historic, 100-year anniversary.

The mandate of this artistic mission was that each painting mirror a milestone turning point in the dynamically unfolding chronicle of America's march to automotive greatness. Each should depict the closing of one historic era while simultaneously saluting the beginning promise of yet another epoch. And each, a snapshot tribute to a watershed moment in time.

In six dramatic but soft-edged watercolor paintings, Marsh brilliantly executed this centennial retrospective.

Uniquely, the result of this collaboration between artist and benefactor is a limited collection of handcrafted men's neckwear.

These Ties will be available as early as May 1997
Talbot Studio
Carmel Valley CA, 93924

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