Jane Gottlieb

As I have learned to trust my intuition, my artwork has evolved. Accordingly, I have felt responsible to examine life and a desire to intrigue the audience with my art. I challenge the viewer's vision with images that experiment in color, light, perspective, and juxtaposition.

I believe that artists contribute to our culture with their philosophy. I try to lend a sense of hope and magic to the difficult realities of modern life so my art is decidedly uplifting and optimistic.

To purchase or contact:
Jane Gottlieb
544 Dryad Road
Santa Monica CA, 90402
Voice: (310)573-1515
Fax: (310) 573-1558

Unframed sizes and prices:
20" x 32" ...$600
32" x 46" ...$1000

Storybook Cottage

Park of Dreams

Hedging Your Dreams

Palm Lane

Grand Illusion

Picasso's Dancers

Perfect Score

Rock Dreams


Window of Dreams

Egyptian Dream

Form & Function

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