Deborah Kaplan Evans

This Southern California artist uses her art to explore the borderland of the real and the unreal. With each painting, she strives to catch the eye and hold it; to stir imagination and trigger thought. Rendered in vibrant, luminous color, her images remain fresh and striking with each viewing. Ms. Evans has garnered numerous awards, including most recently Signature Membership in the National Watercolor Society.

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Deborah Kaplan Evans, NWS
Portraits and Fine Art
Mission Viejo, CA 92691
voice (714)859-6843 EMail

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36.5 X 49

"Icarian Flight"
37.5 X 30

"Love's Exile"
39.5 X 32

"Vintner's Dream"
34.5 X 41.5

"Iris Desert"
37 X 30

"Casting The Spell"
40 x 31
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