Brad Delk

Read what the critics are saying about Brad's work!
"We wonder about Brad sometimes..." - In-laws
"Why won't he just paint things that sell?!" - Older brother
"You really should consider using colors that are more in fashion." - Fellow "Artist"
"You'll be able to do anything you want." - B. Dimanaco formerly of Dyansen Galleries
"I believe mine is really your oddest piece." - Barbara Lazaroff of Spago
"Brad is a kid-brain." - Brother-in-law
"Why don't you paint really ugly stuff and make lots of money?" - Friend

To purchase or contact:
Brad Delk
720 Santa Ysabel
Los Osos, CA 93402
voice (805)534-1606

"Lunch With Reagan"
3' x 5'

"Concrete Imagination"
4' x 6'

"Developmental Reality, House"
4' x 6'

"Developmental Reality, Rockets"
4' x 6'

"Binge, Barbie, Binge"
16" x 20"

"Just Toys"
16" x 20"

"Super Powers Gotta Eat, Too"
3' x 4'

"Developmental Reality, Planes III"
4' x 6'

"Lunch With Madonna"
3' x 4'

"Pidds' Place"
3' X 4'
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