Artists Living In Virtual Exile

by Larry Westover
Technology revolutionizes the relationship of artists and audience. The Internet, once the exclusive domain of the government, is proving to be the most democratic means of mass communication ever devised. Any information on the World Wide Web has potential to access viewers that number in the millions. The cost is low and the amount of energy to get data, text and images online is minimal. The artist has always had a difficult time. Developing skills, creating art, framing, casting, promoting, packaging, transporting and exhibiting are just a few of the demands on time and finances. There is no substitute for actually seeing a piece of art but even with large amounts of money for advertising it has been difficult for artists to get adequate exposure. I've divided my time between graphic design, teaching and being an artist. Art, my highest interest seemed to be the lowest priority. The more I exhibited my work the less time I had to create it. The concept of a published exhibition seemed to provide solutions to the problems I faced. With a group of artists we could print images and commentary about our work. We would identify and mail it directly to those who oculd further our careers namely critics, curators, consultants and of course collectors. I have often reminded myself that I am one of the lucky ones in that all of my responsibilities are at least art related. I went to show my design portfolio to Metaviolet, and Internet Website and Electronic Advertising Agency in Van Nuys. The topic of art on the net was discussed and ARTZ.COM was conceived. Metaviolet had the hardware and most important, the business savy to not only get the data on the net but to promote it via Internet Directories and Links. ALIVE, Artists Living In Virtual Exile has evolved to include art, information about artists, various exhibitions and galleries , a calendar of events, educational materials and resources information. We have created the site to grow into an ever expanding art related community. We want people to come for a visit and to come back again. ALIVE is located at
ALIVE is more than just and exhibition apportunity in cyberspace. It is an opportunity to see the work of contemporary artists. Online galleries allow a global audience to become aware of artists and their unique expressions. When you see something that touches your intellect or emotions, you can reave a message for the artist or you might consider paying the ultimate compliment by contacting the artist directly and purchsing the work for your own collection.

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