Angela Morett

The phrase "An Illusion of Realism" has been used to refer to the paintings of Morett. Using a rich pallet and a painterly application of colour, the artist has abstracted realism.
Form and image are negated and geometrically construed into other areas almost flirting with surrealism.
The inspiration in this work clearly lies in the ability to transfer imagination onto canvas giving the final composition an anchor as well as the freedom to soar.

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"Silent Space in between Thought"
48" x 60"
Oil Paint

"Children At Play"
30" x 32"
Oil Paint

"Alien*Part One"
40" x 60"
Oil Paint

"Changes of The Night"
22" x 16"
Water Color

"Sea Captain"
28" x 30"
Oil Paint

30" x 30"
Oil Paint

36" x 48" 2 Panel=72" X 48"
Oil Paint/Mixed Medium

20" x 28"
Air Brush/Ink

"Partners In Dance"
24" x 28"
$300/Offset Litho signed limited edition

"Oriental Affair"
18" x 24"
$275/Offset Litho signed limited edition

18" x 24"

"Another World"
16" x 22"
$275/Offset Litho signed limited edition
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