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Directory of Artists

Have you seen me?

This is an opportunity for you to see the work of contemporary artists. Online galleries allow you to be aware of artists and their unique expressions. If you see something that touches your intellect or emotions, we encourage you to leave a message for the artist or you might consider paying the ultimate compliment by contacting the artist directly and purchasing the work for your own collection.

Amadea Bailey abstract

Kay Bonanno landscapes

Scott Canty oils

Robbie Conal political

Alex B. Darais painter

Brad Delk watercolors

Eleanor Kay Diehl assemblage

Deborah Kaplan Evans watercolors

Barbara Kimmel-Palmer watercolors

Kim Garcia abstract

Jane Gottlieb digital

Marjorie Kinney oils

John Marsh automotive

Angela Morett painter

Trevor Southey oil & etchings

Sharon Towle watercolors

Don Weller illustrator

Larry Westover painting & printmaking

Wallace Williamson oils

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